BMore Awesome Inc

BMore Awesome Inc (BMAi) works to address inequity in the United States of America through the dynamic intersection of arts, activism, and entrepreneurship training and Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) projects to empower youth most directly impacted by systemic issues of inequity.

It is not enough to change policy, neither is it enough to provide direct service to youth and expect those skills to be enough for them progress in life. To address both obstacles, BMAi provides the network, expertise, and unique menu of solutions to build partnerships and offer services and resources to empower those mostly impacted by systemic issues of inequity, while advocating for changes in policies that contribute to systemic inequity. In order for youth to have a chance to progress in life, they need to be equipped with the tools to understand and address issues of inequity from multiple perspectives. BMAi’s branches, programming, and campaigns work to empower youth through media, arts and culture, grassroots organizing, and independent business creation.

BMAi uses expert approaches to empower youth suffering from trauma and disenfranchisement that stem from systemic issues of inequity. BMAi employs the guidance of experts, including those with experience in successful system reform efforts; those impacted by systemic issues of inequity; and the unique population who are impacted and have experience in successful reform efforts. BMAi has strong youth leadership of committed adolescents who are indigenous to Baltimore City, making them experts in their communities and cities, with the cultural competency to engage families and youth.

To ensure we’re addressing the current need, we structured our company to be flexible and living. In response to the needs of our community, we offer BMore Awesome EMagazine, BMore Culture Board, BMore Awesome Basement, BMore Awesome Academy, and Independence Empowerment Consulting. Our current structure lets us most effectively and efficiently approach to address the needs of our people in a world that’s always evolving.